Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mushroom Bourguignon

I bought something today.

It's something very exciting.

I have wanted, no COVETED, this thing for years. It's been taunting me from the Kitchen Window in Calhoun Square. And now that they've renovated and expanded the store, they've put this thing right in the window facing Hennepin Avenue so it mocks me as I drive or walk by. Thanks in part to generous gift cards from Nick and Kim for my bday and xmas, today was the day I was able to take this BEAUTIFUL thing home with me.

It's a Le Creuset, cherry red, 7.25 quart, round casserole/oven. I don't have kids, but I imagine this is what it feels like to want to show off a new baby. I hope that when I do have kids I will like them as much as I like this piece of kitchenware. Isn't it gorgeous?

Want to see inside? Me too.

The saleslady told me this was a belonging that would be loved so much that it will be an important item in my will that my loved ones will fight over.

This fine piece of French cookware deserved to be inaugurated with a proper French meal and Cassandra has been after me to try a vegetarian Boeuf Bourguignon ever since she saw Julie & Julia. Hey Cass, now I've tested it and I'm ready to cook it for you in your new kitchen next time I come to NYC!

I found the recipe (once again - no surprise!) on my favorite website, the Smitten Kitchen. I followed the instructions exactly so I won't post them here. A tiny exception - I didn't have sour cream for the finishing touch but I did have creme fraiche instead - which was even better.

The final dish tasted amazing - I'm convinced that's due to the pot it was cooked in! My meals are going to be SO MUCH better from now on!!! Only difference I will make when eating the leftovers - nix the egg noodles and just serve the yummy mushrooms and reduced wine-y tomato-y sauce over a hunk of ridiculous Rustica bakery bread.


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  1. OMG!! Please come tonight to make it! I can't wait! We have spent the last day and a half using our bodies as moving vehicles and will be near death by the time you make it out here to serve this delicous meal but alas with this ray of hope from this post we will peresevere and greet you with arm loads of fresh mushrooms and Balthazaar bakery bread! :)!!! NOW the only question is how long do I have to wait! ;)! XO!

  2. p.s. we have even found a french RED wine we love and enjoyed with fresh pasta and tomato sauce this week!! We will be sure to have plenty on hand! and if you come soon enough you can even sample our grapefruit infused vodka which is brewing as we speak!

  3. p.s.s 31. I turned 31 this last week. 13. 13 and me kid 13 years. :)!!!

  4. Holy F*ck. 13? Really? We were just babies back then! Time has done us wonders!!! Back then I thought Wheat Thins with mustard and strawberry schnapps was a gourmet feast!

    I can NOT WAIT to see the Stanton apartment!! We will drink red, white, rose, bubbly, and any other wines we can get our hands on!

  5. Ali you are was to funny I missed seeing you this weekend this weather sucks..... have a great week:0)

  6. Love the conversations and Ali this post is great!
    Cass a happy belated - here's to a great year in our 30's!