Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Ten of Green and Lean '11

What a year.  By all accounts, it was a tough one for the world in general.  Natural disasters, political upheaval, economic meltdowns, poverty, war, and general pessimism have impacted millions.

Conversely, it was a very good year for me personally.  I'm feeling so strong and healthy thanks to a very amazing and supportive group of family and friends, yoga, and this blog.  Even though I'm creepin' up on [gulp] my mid-30's, I feel better than I ever have in my life.  It's still mind-blowing to me how much your life can change when you mindfully eat real food.

This year I've posted less often, but I have whipped up some recipes I'm proud of.  My top ten this year is not a list of the most beautiful or fanciest recipes I've made.  Instead, these are what I think are my most useful recipes to have.  Each one has been made more than once in my kitchen, and maybe even once or twice in yours!

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for cooking, thank you for making this blogging hobby fun for me.  I have very high expectations for 2012, I predict good things are going to happen!

Top Ten of Green and Lean 2011:

10.  Creamed Leeks - As a base for fish or paired with pasta, creamed leeks are rich and sweet and so elegant.

9.  Peanummus - A brilliant way to make hummus into a sweet dip for apples by adding peanut butter.  I love this stuff and could eat it in a bowl with a spoon.  Full of protein for a great energy-boosting snack.

8.  Oven Dried Apple Chips - these are so simple, and still good for you.  Who knew you could get your apple a day by eating these addictive chips?

7.  Spicy Broiled Tofu - My newest favorite cooking discovery was this 6-minute broiled method for tofu.  It's so quick and your tofu ends up nice and chewy.  I made a Buffalo Tofu Sandwich with the method too.

6.  Fish and Mashed Potato Croquettes - I make these All. The. Time.  It's the perfect weeknight meal.  Sometimes I don't have potatoes so I substitute bread crumbs.  Sometimes I used canned fish.  I always put it on a bed of sauteed peas and onions.  Yum.

5.  Roasted Onion Soup - A vegetarian version of the soup I always want to eat in restaurants.  And all the work is done in the oven!  I am seriously obsessed with roasting everything.  This soup works with any vegetable but I like the cheesy crust on the onion soup!

4.  Green and Lean Smoothie - At least once a week I make this.  Sometimes for breakfast, sometimes for lunch, sometimes for a snack.  It makes me feel comfortably full and it's basically a delicious milkshake that is super good for me!

3.  Zucchini Chevre Tartine - This will be my favorite summer meal for the rest of my life.  And it's so pretty - dark brown, bright green, and snowy white.  It's light but substantial and very good with a glass of crisp white wine.

2.  Roasted Mushrooms over Polenta - Delicious.  I love this recipe for it's beauty, simplicity, and crazy good flavor.  Winter comfort food that's healthy!

1.  Bird Bars - Without a doubt, these are the biggest hit to come out of my kitchen in 2011.  So many people have told me they've made and loved these bars!  And no oven needed, so they take about 5 minutes to throw together.  Nothing better!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Love your top ten and then post! I have made so many of these! Thanks for your inspiration. I am ready to eat through 2012!