Saturday, January 29, 2011

Green and Lean Smoothie

This blog began as a sort of online journal of the food I ate. At some point, the tables turned and it began influencing the food I ate. It's kind of a which came first - chicken or egg - situation. I've quit blogging about some of the things I regularly eat because really - how many sauteed kale posts can you stand to read? So I try to think up new and exciting things to make and if they turn out well, I post them.

But the past couple of weeks have been unusual in my eating habits, because nothing really sounds exciting to me right now. I'm blaming it on the bleak January and endless winter that has few fresh seasonal produce items currently available.

Also, I recently completed a two week "winter cleanse" course through a local Pilates studio. Don't worry, that's not as intense as it sounds. Words like "cleanse" and "detox" are profanities in my mind, but this course was 6 classes a week of yoga, Pilates, stretching, and core conditioning. It was certainly muscle building and I'm this close to being able to do a real push up! But, instead of daydreaming of casseroles, pot pies, soups and stews, roasted fish and vegetables, or other typical winter foods, I was weirdly craving raw spinach. I think my body just needed some extra nutrition.

So, while right now I'm not able to give you some exciting recipe for miso glazed salmon or ricotta gnocchi (both on my list), I'm going to get back to my original blog roots and show you what I've actually been eating nonstop for a week - and loving it.

My Green and Lean Smoothie has become almost an addiction this week. I've plowed through an entire giant bin of baby spinach in 4 days. And before you even, the smoothie doesn't taste like spinach at all. It tastes like a creamy peanut butter and banana milkshake.

I added instant coffee to it today for a caffeine boost. I've tried it unsweetened, sweetened naturally with pure maple syrup, and with pitted dates. I've added flaxseeds which aren't necessary but add extra nutrients. No matter which way I've made this smoothie, it's been delicious, nutritious, and drop dead gorgeous.

Green and Lean Smoothie
1 cup milk (any kind, but I like soymilk or almond milk)
1 banana
1 Tbsp nut butter (peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, sunbutter)
1 Tbsp flaxseed (I recommend buying it ground unless you like extra crunchy texture)
3 pitted dates (or 1 tsp maple syrup)
3 ice cubes
2 big handsful baby spinach

Add ingredients to a blender in the order listed and blend until well mixed.


  1. I keep seeing people drinkign all of these smoothies . . . I just can't do smoothies in the winter! I'm cold enough as it is! ;)

  2. That looks awesome Ali! I have been craving spinach lately too - must be low on iron or calcium. I make the kids smoothies a few mornings a week - we will see what Drew & Avery think about a green one!