Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Garlicky White Beans with Veggies and Egg

2010 is all about overcoming my kitchen fears. And I have a few. The weird thing is, the things I'm afraid to try are probably the easiest and oldest cooking techniques out there.

One of these big bad scary things to me is dried beans. I like the idea of saving cash by buying dried beans, not lugging heavy cans back from the store each week, reducing waste, and having better tasting beans. But the overnight soaking, possibility for mushy beans, and all the other conflicting advice out there was intimidating!

Last weekend I decided it was time to kick this dried bean fear! I bought a pound of cannellini (white kidney) beans at the co-op. I also had a bag of black beans in my cupboard. Using the instructions on the back of the bag, I was able to make TONS of both kinds of beans for a total of about $3 and 3 hours of my time.

It went something like this: rinse 1 pound beans, cover with 6 cups water, boil rapidly for 1 hour, drain and rinse beans, cover with 6 more cups water and simmer for 2 hours, stirring occasionally and salting after 1 hour. It may take less than 2 hours if your beans taste done.

The best part about making dried beans is that it makes so many and they won't go to waste. Just freeze the beans in their cooking liquid and you'll have beans ready to go!!!

Afraid no more, I went and bought some dried garbanzo beans so I can fill my freezer with another variety! How great will it be to have those chickpeas on hand to make fresh hummus whenever I feel like it?? FEAR = CONQUERED!!!

Tonight I used the cannellini beans in a great recipe inspired by Eating Well magazine. You must click on the link to see how delicious their photo looks! I didn't have all the right ingredients so I improvised a little bit and it turned out SO good.

Garlicky White Beans with Veggies and Egg
broccoli, cut into florets
grape tomatoes
4 cloves garlic
white beans

Roast broccoli and tomatoes until tomatoes burst and broccoli is charred. Heat a couple tablespoons extra virgin olive oil in a skillet and add garlic. Cook for about 1 minute and add beans. Add broccoli and tomatoes.

Make a well in the middle of your veggies and beans and crack an egg into it. Cover and cook 3-7 minutes, depending on how done you like your yolk.

Serve egg, beans, and veggies on top of toasted whole wheat bread.

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