Saturday, February 6, 2010

Guinness Cake

There are times in a girl's life when she needs chocolate cake.

For me, one of those times was a cold February evening in Minnesota, with gray skies and dirty snow on the roads. The only thing I could think of that would lift my winter blahs was a super dense chocolate cake with a shiny chocolate frosting. I don't know why, it just had to be.

I read dozens of recipes but turned to my fave, the Smitten Kitchen (she's never let me down) for a Guinness cake recipe. It was the best decision I've made all week. This cake rules.

I didn't have a bundt pan so I used two 10-inch round pans and it worked great. The cake gets a complex and deep chocolate flavor from the Guinness and cocoa powder - not artificially sweet like those box mixes. It tastes like good dark chocolate, not sugar! And it has sour cream to give it tang and keep it super moist.

The ganache frosting is very simple - cream, chocolate chips, and instant coffee. I love coffee and chocolate together! The frosting is super shiny and beautiful. I put some in between the two layers and all over the top and sides.

I'll quit prattling now so you can drool over the photos of this gorgeous cake. Then you can go to the liquor store to get some Guinness and make it for yourself!

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