Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spooky Graveyard Trifle

I've been craving Smitten Kitchen's stout cake again lately. I made it last winter and it was awesome so I thought turning that into cupcakes would be a fabulous contribution to our Halloween potluck at work.

Unfortunately, the cupcakes completely crumbled! I don't know what I did wrong, but not one cupcake came out of the pan in one piece. Well, I couldn't let that delicious cake go to waste, even if it was a crumbly mess.

So, I quickly whipped up some cream with a splash of vanilla and 2 scoops of powdered sugar. I layered that cake in a clear glass bowl with the whipped cream and some vanilla pudding that I dyed orange with food coloring. A layer of orange oreos ensured the halloweeny-ness of the dessert.

The layers are: cake, pudding, whipped cream, crushed oreos, repeat. To make this sweet concoction into a graveyard, I dipped Milano cookies in melted semi-sweet chocolate chips, then used some leftover purple cream cheese frosting (I had frozen a few weeks ago after making another cake) to decorate the tombstones. Gummy worms complete the spooky effect.

While this dessert contains many fake food items that I would normally never eat (boxed instant pudding!, food coloring!, oreos!, milanos!, gummy worms!), I feel Halloween is a special occasion that warrants a little leeway in my real food quest.

I got raves about this dessert from co-workers! The flavors are really amazing and the chocolate stout cake, while crumbly, is still an awesome recipe. The addition of some real whipped cream only enhances its true chocolate flavor.

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  1. Good save!

    I have been eating my fair share of heavily-processed Halloween junk this week, too! Ahem, candy corn, anyone?? ;)

  2. Candy corn and roasted, salted peanuts is one of my favorite Halloween snacks. Tastes like a salted nut roll!