Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Prosecco Review

Went to Trader Joe's today. Jackpot! Best wine steals ever. My usual prosecco that is sold there is $6.99 per bottle, and it is superb. A really nicely balanced sparkling wine that's not too sweet or dry.

The really friendly and talkative workers there told me that TJ's now sells another brand of prosecco that's only $4.99 per bottle! When you buy 12-24 bottles at a time, that $2 per bottle can add up! But does it taste any good?????

First impression after 1 sip.....not horrible. Much sharper than the $6.99 bottle, not as smooth, less fruity. But it does go well with food that requires a drier wine. Bottom line? Good, but if you're feeling rich, I would bust out that extra two bucks and stick with the original TJ prosecco. However, in these tough economic times, and if you are trying to cut corners wherever possible, $4.99 can buy you an evening's worth of entertainment in this lovely blue bottle!
Score? Six bubbles, out of a possible ten bubbles. This means it's a great value and it's not terrible wine. Try it for yourself and decide! I will probably buy this again just to switch things up now and then.
NOTE: the lowest possible score I can give to wine is five bubbles, because any wine is a good wine in my book.

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