Monday, March 23, 2009

Guest Blogger 2-for-1 Happy Hour Special

Today marks a first in the Green and Lean 2009 blog! We have a guest blogger! The one, the only, Cassandra R. Jones!!!! Welcome, Cass! I love that my blogs have inspired you. And you, in turn, have inspired me. Your salmon and your soup look AMAZING! Only 4 more days and we can drink that bubbly stuff together!!!!!

By: Guest blogger, Cassandra Jones
This was a meal ben and I made that is so simple and yummy I wanted to share it w/ you!!
mustard salmon w/ smashed peas!
its is honeslty too easy!
here goes!:
in a large frying pan in a small amount of olive oil add one diced sweet yellow onion - saute a few minutes. add thawed peas (about 3/4 of the bag) and cook 2 minutes more. toss w/ lots of freshly chopped parsley and a healthy squeeze of lemon. add salt and pepper to taste now SMASH w/ a potato masher. put aside.
stop by your lovely whole foods and pick up 2 pieces of mustard panko covered salmon. pan fry. meanwhile dish the peas onto 2 plates and in pretty little green piles. top w/ your salmon. pour the remaining bottle of yummy bubbly prosecco you have been drinking into your glasses - pop another bottle for when you run out - add one cute blond guy, throw in some flowers and enjoy!
you will think you are eating at your freind ali's house but be amazed you just did this all your self!!!
ok! and one more! I like adding to your blog!! ;)this was PERFECT!!! here is the recipe!
Halibut with White Beans in Tomato Rosemary Broth
again w/ the bubbly ( AND was inspired by your grilled bread! asparagus so did mine on the george foreman )!!! too perfect! follow w/ dark chocolate forzen yogurt ice cream!
its a wonderful meal!!!

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