Friday, August 14, 2009

Quick Zucchini Saute

Hello there. I'm feeling pretty repetitive lately because I re-made the Mustard-Dill Fish recipe again this week, but with salmon. So, my recipe below should be modified to say it will work with ANY fish, not just white fish. Because the salmon was pretty fricking good with the tomatoes and mustard and dill.

The real story here, however, is the quick zucchini saute that I served on the side. It was pretty fantastic, and just about the easiest thing to make. Ever. I have a cheapo mandoline that I got at Target for $10 so I was able to make very cute matchstick julienne pieces of zucchini. But it would work just as well with a box grater or food processor with grater attachment, or even just slicing really small.

Quick Zucchini Saute
1 fresh zucchini, julienned or grated
1 fresh yellow squash, julienned or grated
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 handful slivered almonds
salt and pepper

Heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the almonds and toast until golden. Add the zucchini and yellow squash and cook for 60 seconds. Add salt and pepper to taste.

I made this side dish again this morning to bring to work for lunch - and, instead of cooking the zucchini for a minute, I just ate it raw (and substituted roasted/salted sunflower seeds for the almonds). And it was STILL delicious. I'm sure it's due to the quality of the fresh local zucchini that makes it taste so good. Only for a limited time will zucchini be this good in MN so I will be eating this constantly for the next week or two!

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  1. Ali, I did the zucchini raw as you suggested and served it with supper last night. Ken thinks he hate zucchini. He gobbled it up and said: "What kind of vegetable is this. It is really good." I said zucchini. He said "But, I hate zucchini!" He did request that we have it again! Thanks. Bridget