Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rainbow Rollup

Again, I find myself suffering from a lack of creativity lately. Late summer is difficult for cooking. I continue to eat the same things over and over again because there is such an abundance of certain things (tomatoes, corn, basil). So I've been enjoying plenty of Mexi-Hippie Chow with Quinoa, Fresh Salsa/Pico de Gallo, and Caprese Salads. Not a whole lot of exciting stuff there for blogging about.

However, I did make a lovely little Rainbow Rollup that's so simple and colorful that I thought I could make a post out of it. This could be an appetizer or a light lunch, and in fact, I have enjoyed it as both in the past few days. This post was my inspiration - and it shows how great this recipe is if you are trying to feed kids. Because really, who doesn't want to eat a rainbow?

I first made it because it makes a great portable, light, and healthy appetizer that I wanted to bring to the cabin for Labor Day weekend to share with a crowd. I was worried that the tortillas would get soggy but it held up really surprisingly well!

The Rainbow Rollup appetizer was successful with the Labor Day crowd and I had some leftover veggies and cream cheese so I made another whole one to bring to work for lunch today. It was delicious. The best thing about these is that the possibilities are endless! Think of all the colorful veggies out there - you could really make your rainbow a million different ways.

Now, there are probably a lot of ways I could make Rainbow Rollups healthier. First, the tortillas - I used regular white ones because I just haven't found a wheat tortilla that tastes good. I thought about wheat Flat-Outs, but they are too thick. So maybe this isn't the healthiest option, but I figure the amount of colorful veggies offsets this. Also, cream cheese isn't considered "whole food" in my unprocessed food plan. But as readers of this blog know, I don't deny myself anything as long as I don't eat bad foods in excess. So, I'm OK with a little cream cheese.

Rainbow Rollups
Giant flour tortillas
8 oz. cream cheese, softened (use full-fat for full-flavor!)
1 spoonful Hellmann's real mayo
salt, pepper, and fresh or dried herbs (such as basil, parsley, thyme)
red veggies, diced finely (I used red bell pepper)
orange veggies, diced finely (I used grated carrot)
yellow veggies, diced finely (I used yellow squash)
green veggies, diced finely (I used zucchini)
blue or purple veggies, diced finely (if you can find them! I added sliced black olives to my lunch wrap today, not quite purple but close enough)

Mix the cream cheese, mayo, salt, pepper, and herbs and spread a thin layer on a tortilla. Add rainbow veggies and roll tightly.

For an appetizer, slice into pinwheels.
For a light lunch, roll up like a burrito or wrap and pack into your lunchbox.

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