Sunday, January 11, 2009

Food Network: A Love/Hate Relationship

What I love about Food Network:

Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa - because she loves to entertain, she lives in a fabulous big house in the Hamptons, she makes classic recipes with real ingredients (nothing light or fat-free), and she's not super skinny.

Giada DiLaurentiis - because her recipes are light and yummy and usually include fish or seafood.

Michael Chiarello - he lives in Napa on a vineyard with lemon trees in his backyard! And he's always throwing a party so the recipes are always appropriate for a crowd.

Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver - for a short while, they had shows on Saturday/Sunday mornings but not anymore!

What I hate about Food Network:

My favorite chefs are hardly ever on! Instead, they waste air time with stupid people like the Neely's, Big Daddy, Guy Fieri, and Ted Allen.

Food Network Challenge - who really cares who can toss pizza dough the highest? Or make the tallest building out of cereal?

The Next Food Network Star - DUMB! Don't go lookin for new stars, utilize the good ones you already have and do more "In the Kitchen" stuff.

What I love/hate about Food Network:

Rachel Ray - Yes, she is mega-annoying. If I hear her say "hello Mr. Bear" when the recipe calls for honey in her scratchy cigarette voice/baby talk one more time I might throw something at the TV. But I really hate to admit that I like to watch her recipes because that is how I cook. Give me a show about an entire meal that works with options on how to modify it to my taste and I'm happy. This is actually a show that helps people with ideas on what to cook and encourages them to cook more at home. She just needs to drop the cutesy catchphrases and focus on the recipes and it will be a lot more enjoyable to watch.

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