Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ravioli Soup

Today it was about 14 degrees in Minneapolis. The upcoming week is forecasted to be below zero. That means it's soup time!

Tonight I cleaned out the fridge/freezer to make this soup. Cass and I did a tortellini soup when she was here at Christmas and now I like to use fresh pasta in soups to add more "heartiness" to the meal. Because sometimes a bowl of broth soup doesn't really fill me up. I can fool myself by adding some cheese and spinach filled wheat pasta.

Here's what's in this version...

Ravioli Soup

1 can Amy's butternut squash soup

1 can water and 1 cube veggie boullion




cheese-filled wheat ravioli

Serve with grilled bread*

*NOTE: why do I waste cupboard space with a toaster? I haven't used it in years. Grilled bread tastes so much better. I am going to donate that toaster to Goodwill.

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